Clevermom visits Vegas

Frustration and sadness in Las Veags.

As I blog, my mom is flying back to Michigan. She was in town for a week. We did all sorts of fun Vegas things together—we ate lunch at Town Square, ate lunch at Wynn, ate lunch at Souper Salad.

Okay, mostly we ate lunch together.

On Thursday, we tried to go swimming at the glorious Trump pool…but you can see how that worked out.

Closed for the day; some kid threw up in it.

I’m surprised this doesn’t happen more often. I mean, there are tens of thousands of kids (and drunk adults) in Vegas pools every day.

Best not to think about it, I suppose.

Anyway, my mom’s room at Trump was spectacular. The bathtub was bigger than my bathroom. And the TV in the mirror? Genius. How do I live without a TV in my mirror?

I miss that bathroom already.

I mean, I miss my mom. That’s what I miss. My mom.


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