Movin’ on up

Elements Kitchen’s martini Rolodex.

I just joined a yacht club. Sort of. Here’s what happened…

On Tuesday afternoon, I went to Elements Kitchen & Martini Bar with my friend KB. We sat at the bar and drank Pear Proseccos, Susanna Bananas and Cranberry Martinis.

After we finished our Prosciutto shrimp and goat cheese salad, the guy next to us, KJ, asked KB and I if we wanted to be in a yacht club.

“We don’t have a yacht,” I said.

“Perfect. We don’t ether,” he replied. And then he introduced us to the group.

Here’s the story of the club’s fruition: When the Las Vegas Review-Journal reviewed Elements, the writer ended her story with a comment like, “…and as I was leaving the restaurant, a yacht club-looking gentleman opened the door for me.” She was referring to KJ.

KJ read the story, read the description, and the rest is history.

Yacht club meets on Tuesday nights at Elements Kitchen on Tropicana and Rainbow. How do you become a member? Just show up and look for KJ. You’ll know which one he is.


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