Did Mitt Romney ever figure out who let the dogs out?

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney demonstrating how handsome men show concern.

It’s been a few years since Mitt Romney posed with that group of black kids for a photo. You know, the photo-op where Romney asked the kids, “Who’s got your camera out? Who let the dogs out? Who? Who? Who?”

Basically, Mitt wanted to relate to the kids, only he was eight years behind on urban popular culture, so when heard the word “who” his mind went to the 2000 Baja Men hit “Who Let The Dogs Out?”

Well, CNN just showed the clip again, and it didn’t seem nearly as bad as it did in January of 2008. I think I figured out why:

If you’d asked somebody in 2008 how dated Romney’s reference was, they’d reply, “ancient.” But now, 2008 seems like ancient history, too. So the reference no longer seems comically outdated and painfully awkward. Just painfully awkward.

Accordingly, Cleveryboy can now project that Romney will secure the Republican nomination.


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