Magically Spoiled

The Misdirection King visits WMS

Magically speaking, we’re spoiled.

By “we,” I mean Vegas locals, and by “spoiled,” I mean we’ve got a ton of magic going on in this city.

We’ve got big shows, like Penn & Teller, we’ve got small shows, like Paul Vigil at King Ink, and we’ve got one of the biggest yearly magic conventions in the world: The World Magic Seminar.

It starts tomorrow.

Last year, the WMS had Lance Burton, Criss Angel, Penn & Teller, and Siegfried & Roy onstage at the same time. This year, all the buzz is about Spanish magician Juan Tamariz.

Tamariz is the Mike Caro of magic: he looks crazy but he’s got the skills of a Jedi. He’ll be performing and lecturing, and so will Jonathan Pendragon, Fielding West, Henry Vargas, and Ayala & Tanya. Combine that with a teen competition, a close-up competition, and a dealers room (featuring local illusion creator Chris Smith, among others), and we should be in for a great 4 days of magic and education.

If you want to register, show up at the Orleans tomorrow (Sunday Feb 27th). Or you can go to the WMS page and register there:

Hope to see you all at WMS!


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