Fool Me Once’ book release party

I swear, they’re floating on their own.

I don’t think I’m overstating things when I say that I just had the #1 best book release party in the history of the English language. A milestone, really. First movable type, then spelcheck, then the Fool Me Once book release party.

I’m going to include a lot of photos in this post, so you don’t accuse me of bias. Don’t misunderstand me, I am biased, but my glowing assessment of the evening is wholly separate from that; it’s fact.

A welcoming hotel, no?

What made the night so awesome?

A ton of credit goes to Rumor Botique Hotel, the swankest spot in Las Vegas. Rumor is the Malcolm Gladwell of hotels. Let me explain: When you read Gladwell, you don’t think, This guy is smart, you think, I’m smart for reading this. Similarly, when you hang out in Rumor, you don’t just think, What a cool place, you actually feel cool for hanging out there.

Kept to himself, mostly.

Next, the amazing entertainers. I’d say the ratio of magician-guests to non-magician-guests was 1:3. And then, there were the specialty attendees: the silver pig, Miss Nevada, Suzanne Lugano’s tuxedo-painted model (Nickole), modern-day shaman Jeff McBride—my God I’ve got (delightfully) odd friends.

Magicians clean up well, no?

Special thanks to Paula, Kelli, and Janice at Greenspun media for organizing the event. Thanks to Barnes & Noble for graciously driving all the way to Rumor to sell books. Thanks to Craig and Josh and Willy and all the magicians who entertained guests. Thanks to Bryan for the photos, Jeremy for the tape, Suzanne for the art, Angie for the fun t-shirts, and thanks to the Rumor servers and bartenders.

Hope to see you all at the Fool Me Twice release party in 2014!


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