Mixing it up

Cleverboy author Rick Lax parties at Mix
Photo: Rick Lax

Here’s my one-word review of Mix at Mandalay Bay: reliable. You’re going to get in, you’re going to get a view, and you’re going to have a good time. Obviously Mix isn’t the newest club on the strip, but this July 4th Weekend, when my friends V. & L. told me they wanted to go out, Mix was the first place to come to mind.

Sure, the Rum Jungle space is still vacant, but that shouldn’t keep you away from Mandalay Bay. You can easily turn Eyecandy, Foundation Room, Mix and Ri Ra into a fun night of barhopping and making fun of tourists.

I say that as somebody who doesn’t like Ri Ra, but does like variety.

Sadly, I had to leave V. and L. at 1:00 to go to a magician party. (Insert insult here.) But on the plus side, on the way out of Mix, I didn’t accidentally walk into the women’s restroom.

Not that I make a habit of doing that, just that at Mix, well, it’s pretty easy. Architect had a sense of humor, I think.


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