Brick and mortar and mind reading

Cleverboy knows what you’re thinking. And you should be ashamed of yourself.

I order everything from the Internet. Books, underpants, electric razors—you name it, I’ve bought it.

But mostly I buy magic tricks.

Same goes for a lot of magicians—we all get our stuff online. That’s why so many brick and mortar magic stores have closed shop in the past decade. But not Denny & Lee Magic Studio on Dean Martin Drive. It’s still open, and I’m glad.

Here’s why:

Last week, I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to buy an Ultra Telethought Wallet or an Ultra Telethought Wallet II. They’re incredibly similar mind reading tricks, and if I performed both of them for you, you wouldn’t even notice a difference.

But there’s a big difference, in the secret method.

So I drove to Denny & Lee, and the guy working at the counter let me check out both wallets for 20 or 30 minutes. He let me perform both tricks, and see which better fit my performance style. And when I was done, it became clear which wallet was right for me: The II model.

Never could have done that online.

I’m thrilled with my purchase, by the way. So the next time you run into me, you should ask me to see the trick. I’m such a dork; I’ll probably have it on me.


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