What the hell just happened?

Please don’t give me crap for the inexplicably long tie. I took plenty last night.
Photo: Brenton Ho / BrentonHo.com

Friday was intense. I’m still not exactly sure of what happened. Not because I was drunk, but because I don’t have all the facts. Let’s just say, it wasn’t the best evening of my life.

I planned to blog about the night, but because I’m still struggling to understand it, I ended up asking my friends write about it for me.

They each contributed one sentence. (I specifically asked them for small, random sentences—sentences that didn’t address the intense stuff that went down.)

But, briefly, here are the facts: 1) We were at LAVO (first the restaurant, then the club). 2) We started the night with 10 and ended with 7. 3) I was in a bad mood.

Okay, here goes. Chronological order:

R: “I usually hate sea bass, but this time it was delicious.”

J1: “My, what a short skirt you have.”

J2: “The fried Oreos elucidated an existential dilemma.”

C: “From delicious and exciting to predictably enigmatic and disenchanting—no fault of LAVO, though….please make that clear, Ricky!”

D: “The [EC] twins rocked.”

Ricky: “Let’s stop pretending to cheer me up for this photo, and start actually trying to cheer me up in real life.”

Confused? So was I.


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