The glory, the woe…of this one card trick


I’ve been quietly creating magic tricks for a couple years now. I’ve had a couple of them published in MAGIC magazine, which was every bit as rewarding as it was nonpaying.

On Monday I released my first commercially available trick, through It’s called “Vertigo,” and it’s fooled lots of clever people. But it’s also managed to piss off a small handful of magicians. So far, I’ve gotten lots of really positive comments…and a handful of really negative ones.

I suppose I can’t be too bummed about the negative ones. After all, I’ve criticized my fair share of magic tricks and other artists' artistic endeavors. That’s what being a Las Vegas Weekly critic is all about.

But, as somebody who’s been on both sides of the creative fence, I will say, it’s so much easier to destruct than it is to create. And it’s especially easy to destruct on the Internet, where everybody is anonymous.

So to the haters, let me say this: If we ever meet, you better be prepared to show me a trick, and it better be good.*

And to everyone else: Enjoy the trick!

Oh, who am I kidding? If we ever meet, you’re not going to own up to who you are or what you said.


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