The opposite of a free lunch


Mayor Goodman wants to make it easier for potential overseas tourists to obtain Visas to travel to Vegas. But that sounds like a lot of work.

Here’s an easier way to get people to spending their money in our casinos: Sell southern Californians $55 round-trip bus tickets, bring them here, and then don’t drive them back.

That’s what LUX Ground Transportation was doing through Groupon, at least. NBC San Diego reported the story over the weekend.

The scheme didn’t last long. LUX now appears to be closed for business. And Groupon severed ties with the transport company as soon as they realized what was going on (and as soon as they realized that LUX’s motor carrier permit number indicates that the company doesn’t have a valid license).

And as for the stranded passengers: they eventually did get picked up. Five hours late. By another bus company

Well, it was fun while it lasted. For LUX, I mean. Not for the poor passengers. I imagine it wasn’t much fun for them.


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