Only at Marquee, only at midnight, only Morgan

The guest of honor, with a guest of honor.

How was my 30th birthday party? I’ll cut right to the best part. Actually, I’ll give you a smidge of backstory first:

The night before the party, as I was heading to bed, I was watching the new video podcast on Morgan Spurlock’s new documentary, Comic-Con Episode IV. And as I drifted off to sleep, I was thinking about how much I loved Super Size Me, and how badly I needed to see Spurlock’s next film.

Twenty-four hours later, I’m at my birthday party in Marquee’s Library Room with 50 of my best Vegas friends. We’re drinking vodka and eating birthday cake, and I’m trying to hook all my single friends up with each other. And guess who walks in … Morgan Spurlock.

He even poured me a glass of fancy movie star scotch. And at midnight—exactly at midnight, I checked my cell—we toasted my birthday.

Only in Vegas; only at Marquee; only at midnight.


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