A quick glimpse at Michigan clublife


That’s me at a club. You can see the lit up bar bottles in the background. What you can’t see is people. Because there aren’t any.

Like I said in my last Cleverboy entry, last week I visited my parents’ home back in Michigan. And one night, missing Vegas, I suppose, I went out to what I thought was a popular Metro Detroit nightclub. It’s in Birmingham, where the cool people live. And the club is relatively new. And it’s big and dark and, you know, clubby. But I’ll be damned if my girlfriend and I weren’t the only customers there.

In the back, there were a handful of people filming some music video,* but I don’t count them because (1) They weren’t paying guests and (2) It makes my story better if I say my girlfriend and I were the only ones there.

So now I’m trying to figure out whether (1) Birmingham, Michigan is no longer a cool city to live in, (2) I’m a terrible judge of whether a club is cool or not, or (3) Nobody in Michigan ever goes clubbing.

If you live in Michigan and you’re reading this, (1) That’s awesome, and (2) Please educate me.

*No, the club was not at all closed for the filming.


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