Finding musical middle ground

Andrew Himmler of The Delta Bombers.
Photo: Rick Lax

The Cold Blue Rebels don’t sound how they look. They look evil; they sound goofy. (I mean that in a good way.) But my girlfriend and I didn’t drive out to the Cheyenne Saloon to hear the CBR; we drove out to hear the Delta Bombers. Hannah is an old friend of Bombers guitarist Andrew Himmler.

The Delta Bombers have been playing rockabilly music for about 5 years. They’re based in Vegas but they usually play in Los Angeles.

“They’ve got a big Mexican population there," Himmler explains. "We’re big with them. And we actually do okay in Europe, too.”

“How would you describe the average Delta Bomber fan?”

“If you’re into antique furniture and you watch Mad Men, you’ll like us.”

Always good to know your audience.

The Bombers play fun music, and by the look on Himmler’s onstage face, he has a fun time doing it. Sadly, though, we had to leave halfway through their set.

On the drive home, I played Hannah Steve Martin’s second banjo CD. (Technically the third, if you count The Steve Martin Brothers.) She said it was okay, but I think she was just being polite. Basically, she and I have different musical tastes and we’re trying to find common ground.

So far it’s just Ben Folds. We're open to suggestions.


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