The vanishing Coke trick

Cleverboy’s keeping his Sprite.

That’s a 1.25 liter bottle of Sprite. I used to have a 1.25 liter of Coke, too. Here’s where it went:

Days ago, I hosted a party for about 10 friends. One guy I didn’t know came, too. He’d driven one of my invited friends. So, this random guy: I ran down the beverage list for him and he picked Coke. So I removed the bottle from the fridge and set it down. He twisted off the cap and started drinking.

Here’s the thing: I didn’t intended the bottle as a single serving; that was all the Coke I had for the whole party. That’s why I set it down right next to the paper cups.

I thought the subtext was clear: Open the Coke and pour yourself a glass. Plus, honestly, I never imagined that somebody would consider a 1.25 liter as a single serving. Not in a party setting, at least. Only if you’re a trucker.

Lesson learned.


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