Facebook etiquette for Vegas folks

I’m getting frustrated with my Facebook wall. Not with my own posts—which are consistently brilliant and hilarious—but with those of other people. More specifically, I’m getting frustrated with all the posts left on my wall that have absolutely nothing to do with me.

Vegas Friends: My Facebook wall is not the place to promote your club event. Magician Friends: My Facebook wall is not the place to post videos of yourself performing tricks that you’re trying to sell.

How can you tell whether a particular post is appropriate for my Facebook wall? Ask yourself these questions:

1) Is my post completely unrelated to Rick Lax?

2) Does my post use the phrases, “Help me get as many hits as possible!!!” or “Everybody please vote for me!!!”?

If you answer yes to either question, kindly refrain from posting.

Three strikes, and you’re out.


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