Paying for Pop Rocks isn’t cool. You know what’s cool?

Cleverboy meets Pop Rocks.

You know what that is? That’s $100 worth of Pop Rocks. Sent to Cleverboy, for free, by

Two weeks ago I created a trick in which I magically turn water and grape Pop Rocks into grape soda. The illusion is strong because it seems so plausible—it seems like mixing pop rocks into water really would create soda. (In reality it just creates noisy water with crystals in the bottom. Go ahead and try for yourself.) Good magic tricks, like good lies, often have truth mixed in.

I got that bag of Pop Rocks from the candy store at Town Square. They’re the only place in town that carries grape. For $2 a bag! The price bummed me out because I knew I wanted to perform the trick a lot, so I knew I’d be going through a lot of Pop Rocks. did away with these woes. I showed them the video, thinking they’d get a kick out of it, and the response came back, “What's your address? You deserve FREE POP ROCKS!” Four days later, I had 100 packs.

Wonder if I can sell them back to Town Square for $2 a pop …


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