Where should Cleverboy watch the debates?

President Barack Obama waves to supporters while arriving at a campaign event Sunday, Sept. 30, 2012 at Desert Pines High School.
Photo: Sam Morris / Las Vegas Sun

My mom and I drove from Michigan to Vegas during the 2008 presidential campaign. We hit Texas the afternoon of the second debate, so we pulled off the road, found a roadside bar with a big TV, and ordered drinks. I’m no Republican, but the chance to watch a presidential debate among authentic GOP diehards was too great to pass up.

Well, things didn’t turn out as planned. The bar’s patrons cheered for McCain alright…but they cheered for Obama, too.*

Now I’m trying to figure out where to watch this year’s debates. Man, it’d be awesome if casinos showed the debates at the sports books…and allowed us to place bets on them. It’d also be great to watch one debate with the local Dems and one debate with local Republicans.

But I’m an Independent, so nobody invites me to anything.

It’s looking like a bar again. Some place with a big TV and passionate patrons. Anybody have any suggestions? If so, please leave them as comments below.

*A year later, I told this story to a Texas native, who replied, “You drove through Amarillo. That’s not really Texas.”


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