Halloween costumes inspired by current affairs and beloved locals

You’ve been dressing like LMFAO all year for Party Rock Mondays. Why stop now?
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Cleverboy’s 2012 Costume Ideas:

Big Bird. Slip on a yellow dress, orange socks and big ol’ googly eyes, and you can spend the night as America’s favorite/Mitt Romney’s least-favorite government-funded Muppet. Don’t forget to bring along Mr. Snuffalupagus. It’s easy; he’s an imaginary friend—remember?

Frank from 30 Rock. Could there be an easier way to celebrate 30 Rock’s seventh and final season than by paying homage to Judah Friedlander? Simply glue on mutton chops and don a homemade trucker hat. Bonus points for carrying around a jar of your own urine.

Felix Baumgartner. A jetpack, a helmet, and a can of Red Bull will turn you into the skydiving superhero. Don’t forget the Austrian accent.

Mayan Zombie. Regular zombie costume + feather headdress = victim of the 2012 Mayan apocalypse. And the best part is, you can reuse this costume for the December 22 National Zombie Walk.

Cleverboy’s Vegas-Inspired 2012 Costume Ideas:

Coco as Bo Peep. If you are blonde and curvy, tie on a light blue corset, grab a hooked shepherd's staff, and hit the clubs as Holly Madison’s replacement. Best when accompanied by a guy dressed as Ice-T, or, in a pinch, a glass of Iced Tea.

Zarkana BatGirl. This one’s fun: Dress up as Batgirl, and then, when people say, “Where’s Batman?” get really angry and say, “I’m not that BatGirl; I’m the Zarkana mascot, you idiot!”

Zombie Elvis. Get it? 'Cause Viva Elvis just closed? Hell, I’ll bet you can even buy the real Viva Elvis costumes from Cirque at a discount. Well, unless they figure out you want to make fun of their now-closed show.

LMFAO. You already have the whole costume in your closet. Seriously, TAO Group gave out so many neon Party Rock glasses and t-shirts—surely some of them wound up in your closet. You should be good to go. Assuming you have an afro. If not, off to the wig shop.


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