Choosing a name for an adorable puppy is a tough task

What should this little guy’s name be?

This is my new dog. Well, he will be my dog in two weeks. Still with the breeder; gotta wait until he turns eight weeks old. So in the meantime, I’m trying to figure out what to name him.

My girlfriend and I got pretty excited about “Robot.” So I let Facebook know. Apparently, my friends are not okay with this. My friends haven’t been this united against me since that time I posted and said I was considering getting a Nissan Cube.

Usually, when people tell me I shouldn’t do something, I want to do it more. But here’s the thing: I ended up getting a MINI Countryman instead of the Cube, and I’m very happy with the decision. Now, every time I see a Cube on the road, I think, What an ugly car that is.

But come on, Robot is a great dog name. Two syllables. Funny. Cute. No?

My backup names are Winston and Cedric. (Cedric was Graham’s pet owl’s name in the fantastic 1990 computer game King’s Quest 5.) The girlfriend is pushing for “Biscuit,” but that’s too cutesy for me.

What do I do?


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