It takes a lakeside resort to calm the Clevermind

Finally, some peace …

I don’t do relaxation. If I try to go a day without working, I freak out. Anxiety levels through the roof.

If I’m sitting by the pool, I’m reading, non-fiction—something with information I can really use. If I’m taking a bath, I’m using the time as a “brainstorming session.” I’ve never taken a yoga class and I’ve never meditated. Oh, I’ve tried meditation a couple times, but I failed. Too many thoughts running through my brain.

So mad props to Ravella at Lake Las Vegas, where I was able to find a couple hours of peace. Totally foreign to me. Loved it.

I’m currently re-examining my 18-hour mini-vacation, trying to figure out what it took for me to actually kick back. Couple factors at play:

1. The lobby had a strong wi-fi signal. This is key. Nothing is more frustrating than waiting eight seconds for Gmail to load. Who has that kind of time?!

2. The hotel was nearly empty. I saw maybe eight other guests. Practically had the place to myself.

3.Water. Just being in the presence of water—no matter how un-blue—is calming.

4.I broke down and got a massage. Never had one before. Sure enough, they’re great. Who knew? (Everybody, apparently.)

In conclusion, all I need to relax is an entire resort on the lake all to myself, save the massage therapist and the guy who makes sure the wireless router doesn’t get unplugged.


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