Cleverboy gets hate mail, part one


A month back, I wrote a short story asking whether a new $100 bill would be harder to counterfeit than a $100 poker chip. “Unsurprisingly, the Benjamin is the most counterfeited denomination,” I wrote.

Then hell broke loose.

I got a snail mail letter from a reader. No return address. Three stamps. Inside the envelope I found my story, with the word “unsurprisingly” underlined in purple marker and followed by a purple question mark and exclamation point. Also a purple note reading “There is NO such word! It’s ‘not surprinsingly.’ Did you graduate 3rd grade? Moron!”

Couple points:

(1) The note was printed on stationary that read, “Nearly 80% of UNLV students do not use Marijuana." Perhaps the note’s author would benefit from joining the other 20 percent.

(2) “Unsurprisingly” is a word, according to Merriam-Webster.

(3) Let’s all try to be a little more judicious with our exclamation points.


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