Cleverboy gets hate mail, part two

The guy can fight, no doubt about it.
Photo: Steve Marcus

Back in January I wrote an extra-short story titled “Should Mayweather’s $100K donation have come up in court?” I’d describe the story as “benign” and “forgettable.” But one reader—let's call him "S"—didn’t think so. He left a comment saying that I was a prick and that I should go play in traffic.

So I wrote him: “Hi S. I wrote the story about Mr. Mayweather. Why do you want me to go play in traffic? Why am I a prick? Please do explain. –Ricky”

He wrote back: “floyd mayweather is probably the greatest fighter out there and you try to tarnish his image with your bulls*** article, i personally think you should stop making your trash-talking stories.” (Note: S didn't censor his words, that's the Weekly.)

Gosh, I’d argue that Mayweather tarnished his own name when he allegedly committed domestic abuse, but let’s move forward. I wrote S back and said, “Hey S. There’s no denying he’s a great fighter—you’re right about that. But I wasn’t just trash talking; I was making a point about our legal system. Not about a boxer. Anyway, I do appreciate your reading, and I do wish you the best.”

No reply from S for six months.

Then, recently, S writes me this: “your still a c*** and hes still undefeated.”

And this: “bet you feel like an absolute retard?”

I’m still looking for the right way to respond. If you can think of anything, let me know.


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