Beauty and the Beast’ fetishes and homemade costumes for Halloween

Going as Gaston leads to an unexpected discovery

Disney-fied: Animated characters get the adult treatment at Fetish & Fantasy Ball.
Lucky Wenzel

Two days ago I posted a picture of my Halloween costume on Facebook, and it racked up 75 “likes” overnight—making it the most likable thing I’ve done in recent memory.

I went as Gaston, and in the process, I learned that quite a few people have serious Beauty and the Beast fetishes. In this case, the word “fetish” comes not from me, but from the girl who walked up to me and confessed to having “a huge Beauty and the Beast fetish.” When she got married, she wore a yellow dress. Made her bridesmaids do the same.

Another woman, three decades older than the first, showed me a photo of her and her husband dressed as Belle and Beast. She had a Beauty and the Beast iPhone cover to go with it—one that she had made specifically for her.

I, for the record, like Beauty and the Beast … but don’t love it. It’s no Aladdin. No Lion King.

A lot of people asked where I got my costume. And I proudly told them that I made it myself. Must have gotten inspired from all the Heroes of Cosplay I’ve been watching on Syfy. Anyway, here’s how I did it:

Muscle suit:

Gloves: regular yellow dish gloves.

Ponytail: I bought a $2 braid of fake hair from Sally Beauty Supply and tied it to a black headband.

Red shirt with yellow collar: I bought two shirts from Walmart and sewed them together. (Impressive in that I don’t sew, but not that impressive up close.)

Belt and boot covers: costume store.

Oh, I made my girlfriend’s Belle costume, too.

Just kidding. We bought that one off the rack.

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