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Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. If you’re a Nevada resident over 18-years-old and you give half a damn about who becomes our next president (psst, you should), you have exactly ten days to register to vote. TEN DAYS! The deadline for voter registration is October 14, and the deadline to register by mail is only two days away on October 4th.


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Now, there’s no reason to get nervous; registering to vote is as easy as buying groceries. Outside many Las Vegas grocery stores friendly people with clipboards and lots of writing utensils are trying to head off shoppers on their way inside or out, with the exceedingly simple phrase: “Have you registered to vote?”

If your answer is “no,” consider not ignoring the person with the clipboard. Registration takes literally five minutes flat and is as easy as filling out a raffle ticket. In fact, with this ticket everyone gets a prize: the opportunity to exercise your right to vote, and in the process take a very long lunch break on Tuesday, November 4th. According to USA Today’s Presidential poll tracker, Nevada is currently falling into the “too close to call” category, which means that every single vote counts. (Including yours, lazy clipboard ignorer.)

After the 4th you can still register to vote for 10 more days in person at various locations around Las Vegas. During the month of September, 768,692 people registered to vote in Clark County alone. Getting 768,692 people to do anything is an impressive feat. So, you might say that registering is the in thing to do right now. But only for ten more days. The clock’s ticking. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

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