A glut of debate drinking games – Weekly gleans the very best from the political scrum

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With November 4 drawing near, the presidential race took a turn for the ugly this week as both the Obama and McCain camps swapped mud for rocks and took turns slinging political boulders at each other. It’s vaguely caveman-like, all this chest-beating and grunting, but it makes for some deliciously entertaining television. The presidential and vice presidential debates have turned into the best reality TV of the fall season (apologies to Dancing with the Stars, The Hills, The Biggest Loser, etc.), and all over the Web folks are upping the entertainment value with games designed to spice up the already dramatic verbal brawls (and maybe get you wasted in the process).

We’ve picked out a few of our favorites to share with you:

The Huffington Post suggests an interactive drinking game that’s not for the feint of heart or alcohol tolerance. “Every time Obama says ‘change,’ everyone has to switch seats and drink the other person’s drink of choice.” Might we call that boozical chairs? The Post also advises players to listen up for mention of NATO; when mentioned, “clink glasses with everyone around you and attack anyone who refuses to drink.” Or try out this friendly rule: “Every time John McCain says “my friends”, spit out your drink and shout, “I am not your friend!” at the television. Weekly note: Make sure your friends are not sitting within spitting distance of the TV before starting this game.

The San Diego Union Tribune whipped up a slightly healthier debate-watching game, now that the economy is in the crapper and all you have left is your health. “Drink an acai smoothie and snort a line of Sugar in the Raw with any mention of free trade agreements with Latin America.” Or if you’d rather keep your nose clean there’s always this simple rule: “When either candidate refers to the need to reestablish the flow of credit between banks, eat a bowl of Fiber One.”

The blog alaskaisclosetorussia.wordpress.com (“Where voters come to high five”) had this rule to offer alcohol-drinking political junkies: “Drink when any candidate talks about some fictional or real person and their problems (likely something involving a choice between diabetes medication and gas for her trip to see her blind grandchildren).” Man, there go those heart strings. We’d like to add, if either candidate talks about receiving a gift from a veteran or relative of a veteran or fallen soldier, give your neighbor the gift of a long drink.

Comedy Central’s Indecision 2008 posted its drinking game for the first presidential debate in Mississippi, but most of the rules can be applied to tonight’s debate and upcoming debates as well. The game is relatively simple, when any of these things happen, take a shot of Everclear and then just follow the rules: “Every time Barack Obama mentions his tax cuts for the middle class, gift-wrap a box of poo for your rich uncle.” Mmmm. Ten creativity points for that gem, and there’s more. “Every time McCain refers to his running mate, stand up, face Russia and finish whatever bottle is in front of you. Every time a candidate promises to bring back blue collar jobs, call your customer service rep in Bangalore.” And finally, “Every time Obama strings together at least three fuzzy, liberal platitudes, cue up the episode of The West Wing where Mrs. Landingham dies.” Sniff. Sniff.

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