What Las Vegas needs is a pillow fight

A 2008 pillow fight going down in San Francisco. One of the only times you can beat up your neighbors and not get in trouble.
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Las Vegas, city of a thousand parties, overblown holiday headquarters, has officially missed the day we needed most: World Pillow Fight Day.

The aftermath of a pillow fight in France.

The aftermath of a pillow fight in France.

On April 4, cities all over the world celebrated the little-known holiday by wailing on total strangers with feather-stuffed weapons of mass diversion. From Budapest to Cape Town to Sao Paulo, folks gathered to vent their frustrations and let feathers fly. New York City’s fight brought an estimated 1,000 plus people to the financial district where Wall Street hosted not frantic traders but pillow-wielding celebrants and onlookers that flocked to take pictures of the wild event.

The sweet sight of flying pillows in San Francisco in 2008.

The sweet sight of flying pillows in San Francisco in 2008.

But in Vegas, where falling gaming revenues, bankrupt casino companies and dire unemployment numbers threaten to make our fantasy island into a bleaker destination, there was not a downy feather to be found. Somehow, we missed the invite to join the world’s pillow fight.

It’s a damn shame. Just imagine the strip packed with pillow-swinging tourists and locals and the byo-pillow pajama parties that our clubs could host for the occasion, the smiles on the faces of laid off casino workers as pillows hit cheeks with a muffled whack. Oscar would join in the fray, maybe Bette, too, thrashing about with a pillow cased in pink satin. Valets, showgirls, doctors and students could all unite in the pure adrenaline outpouring of a mass pillow battle.


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World Pillow Fight Day

So next year, Vegas, mark your calendars. World Pillow Fight Day. Bring your pillow, your swallowed aggression and maybe a mouth guard. It’s going to be a hell of a fight.

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