Two Las Vegas tastes that taste great together

They may be MTV stars, but they can still mean mug.
Photo: Robert John Kley

Sometimes you discover two things, equally delicious on their own, that are only improved upon combination. Like peanut butter and chocolate, strawberries and whipped cream, fried plantains and mild white cheese when it’s melted on top until it coats the … well, you get the picture. Some cool things are cooler when paired. It’s like coolness squared, or something.

Billionaire B-Boys

What I’m trying to say amid the gathering drool is that two Las Vegas tastemakers combined forces earlier this week, and the results, while not edible, were visually scrumptious. Local b-boys and winners of America’s Best Dance Crew’s second season Super Cr3w teamed up with Vegas-designed label Billionaire Mafia for a photo shoot and fashion campaign that capitalizes on the street cachet of the former and the developing reputation of the latter. Which is to say, in front of a photographer in Billionaire Mafia’s warehouse space on Dean Martin Road, Super Cr3w put on some sweet T-shirts and busted some sick moves. It was a marriage made in Sin City heaven.

Super mod3ls

The shots, a few of which you can see here, will be used in an upcoming look book that will show off both the Cr3w’s skills and Billionaire Mafia’s urban-inspired duds that fit the cocky, talented dancers to a T.

“Tattoo is out,” proclaimed Billionaire Mafia owner and designer Lana Fuchs. “Ed Hardy killed it.”

The same goes for the sparkly, bedazzled numbers guys have been donning in an effort to upstage even the sequin-clad ladies that stalk Las Vegas’ nightclubs.

Done, according to Fuchs. And not a moment too soon.


Beyond the Weekly
Billionaire Mafia
Super Cr3w

Her new Billionaire Mafia collection replaces the roses and skulls that have become synonymous with douchedom with short, chubby, Pikachu-like characters that Fuchs calls “stubs.” And lots of Billionaire Mafia logos, of course, in a graffiti scrawl.

Soon, the members of Super Cr3w, who are rapidly becoming some of Fuchs favorite models, will have their own stubs complete with super powers and, one would assume, super human dance skills.

So, tell Reese’s to watch out. Street chic, Las Vegas-designed clothing and locally-bred, nationally-acclaimed break dancers are two tastes that taste pretty friggin’ awesome together.

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