Thank you

Jet Tila

My significant other’s birthday is coming up, and it makes me reflect on all those who support us folk that wear the white coats and run restaurants. I just want to say a collective “thank you” for being our support system. If you don’t have the unfortunate life of being married, partnered, family to or involved with a chef or restaurant manager, you have no idea the BS that they have to put up with. Maybe it should be a “Thank you. I’m sorry. Why do you love me? And thank god that you do!”

We work 60-100 hours each week, and when we get home we’re usually totally burnt or still on an adrenaline high, so by the time we’re either rested enough or calm enough, it’s time to turn around and leave you to do it all again. All we do it bitch about the place we love to hate or tell you about an a amazing day, which you had no way to enjoy with us … And you still welcome us home with open arms.

We are working when most humans want to enjoy time with loved ones: Weekends, evenings and holidays all belong to diners that are enjoying each other’s company while we are grinding it out in hot kitchens trying to placate you with an occasional text or a loving three minute phone call every now and then.

I can speak for all who suffer this life and say you guys are our heroes! You are the reason we can exist. I know it’s like being with someone that has an addiction or is having an affair; you never feel like you come first. The truth is, you are the glue that keeps our sanity together.

So, to my fellow restaurant slaves, let’s take time to give some love to those that love and support us! Let’s apologize for the past and future b-days, anniversaries, family events and nights that we won’t be home. But we can promise you this, we are working for a better tomorrow for you! Even though it’s selfish, you are what we think of first when we have to suit up and go to work and last when we get home and you are already asleep in bed.

So thank you, thank you, thank you a million times over. Thank you for putting up with us adrenaline/work junkies. We don’t deserve you.

Happy B-day SKD!


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