Morning Call: Pink & Carey Hart reunite! Will New Year bring a reconciliation?

Pink and Carey Hart at Wasted Space on New Year’s Eve 2008.
Hard Rock Hotel

For lovers and those in love, New Year's Eve is a very special night! Promises and resolutions. Maybe even an attempt to right a wrecked marriage? The reunion between torn twosome Pink and Carey Hart, rock music’s reigning hot couple, was eagerly awaited by those of us with the prying eyes and the nosy tongue wagging!

The reunion at the Hard Rock Hotel between the superstar singer and the tattooed motocross stunt king on the second most romantic night of the year was pulled off without a hitch. “It’s obvious that they still care about each other very much,” one spywitness told me. “If they could get whatever problems they have resolved in 2009, you just know they’d love to be back together again.”

Their New Year’s Eve began with a dinner at Nobu at the Hard Rock, but it was the tell-all midnight hour that reignited the sparks. Carey walked his ex-wife from his VIP table right to the stage, and then escorted her to the mic and remained at her side as they toasted each other privately and publicly with champagne after she did the 10 to 1 countdown.

The crowd cheered them -- and the arrival of 2009! Nobody could make out what their knowing glances said, but everybody guessed that whatever happens, they will still look after and care for each other. Pink has admitted that she still loves Carey and has one room of her L.A. home dedicated to his memorabilia. She even had him appear in her video for “So What”!

Leach Blog Photo

Pink at Wasted Space on New Year's Eve.

“They simply can’t be apart too long, even if they can’t be together for that long, either,” my club spy said. “They were completely comfortable with each other all night long. There was no tension you’d expect from separated married couples, so they’re obviously getting on beautifully together.”

Pink then rocked Carey’s Wasted Space with a 45-minute show, and Carey was her biggest fan of the night watching with co-owner and New York Yankee Jason Giambi. Pink sang songs from her new album Funhouse.

After her song set, she rejoined Carey, and they hung out at his VIP table until about 2 a.m. We know that Carey also stopped by Body English to check in with Good Charlotte rocker and Wasted Space co-investor Benji Madden, who was guest DJ there for the night.

Leach Blog Photo

Carey Hart, Pink and Jason Giambi at Wasted Space on New Year's Eve 2008.

Click back here Monday when we have that set of photographs of Benji at play. He partied until 4 a.m. and gave away $25,000 in cash to partygoers there.

Now we wait to see if Pink and Carey reunite. After all, Valentine’s Day -- the most romantic day of the year -- is just six weeks away! You just know Vegas DeLuxe will have its ears and eyes wide open for that magic moment if it happens! Ain’t love grand -- even if it is no easy road!


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