Sarah Larson’s sexy surprises startle Sundance

Sarah Larson lounges at Tao.
Photo: Denise Truscello

The whispers aren’t nice, and eyebrows are being raised! Even Fox News reporters at the Sundance Film Festival have started muttering about Sarah Larson’s sexy shocks and amorous antics!

I don’t particularly enjoy writing these kind of stories. I was much happier a year ago contemplating the possible marriage between Sarah and handsome screen hero George Clooney. I was even rooting for her to finally end his bachelor days. How perfect, I thought, for the beautiful and stunning cocktail waitress at the Palms to meet him at the premiere of Oceans 13 at the CineVegas Film Festival, and then wind up as his special girlfriend and going past the normal six-month cut-off for him.

They turned up together at movie functions across the world -- Sarah was George’s date to the Oscars! -- and they even got in a motorcycle accident spill in New Jersey together. But then just as fast as the romance began, it suddenly ended, and there’s still been no explanation from either of them. Sarah didn’t return to her job at Moon after the yearlong romp. She began a modeling career based in Los Angeles. Since the breakup, we’ve seen her solo throughout town and even up at the Palms Place pool for parties.

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Playboy bunnies and Sarah Larson with mustaches.

But this morning, the buzz out of Sundance headquarters in Park City, Utah, is too much to ignore. Fox’s gossip gurus report: “She’s been prancing around Park City with a bevy of Sin City boys, and her behavior caused quite a bit of attention at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Vegas lounge after-party here for the flick The Vicious Kind. Larson snuck through the back door of the Hollywood Life House and, after what seemed to be a few too many drinks, found herself provocatively grinding half a dozen guys on the dance floor -- yes, all at once. At one point, the oh-so-classy Larson apparently even had her legs wrapped around a gentleman’s waist. But in the end, we’re told the model decided to go home with a star who wasn’t in her dirty-dancing troupe and was spotted sneaking out with Ashlee Simpson’s ex-beau Ryan Cabrera. But aside from her wild nights, perhaps attending the film festival wasn’t as fun for Larson as it could have been. We’re told the 31-year-old was denied entry into various gifting suites and venues and got quite upset when hosts refused to accommodate her … plus the seven guys!”

The words come from Fox eyewitness reporters at the film festival, and I merely pass them on with little comment. Except to say, if true, it’s all rather sad -- and a little worrying!


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