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Miss Nevada USA Georgina Vaughan.
Miss USA Pageant

We’re now just six weeks away from Donald Trump’s 58th Annual Miss USA Pageant, and for 21-year-old Miss Nevada USA Georgina Vaughan, she’s ready for the competition! Georgina’s also looking forward to welcoming her competitors and showing them her hometown of Las Vegas.

“It’s been four months now since I won the Miss Nevada title, and it’s been the most rewarding and exciting time of my life. Now that’s about to get even more exciting as we tackle the real thing,” she told me.

Miss Nevada USA Georgina Vaughan

Georgina is relying on two local fans to be her secret weapons for victory: the hair and makeup from Michael Boychuck’s Color salon at Caesars Palace and the luxury clothing wardrobe, including a fabulous gown, from local designer Lana Fuchs.

The contestants check into Planet Hollywood on April 13, with the NBC telecast April 19 from the Theater for the Performing Arts. The Miss USA winner then represents America in the Donald’s follow-up Miss Universe Pageant.

Georgina, who hails from Summerlin and recently celebrated her 21st birthday at the Bank in the Bellagio, said: “This is a very humbling and moving responsibility. I hope that through the opportunities I’m presented, I will be able to give Nevadans a better opportunity to understand what Miss Nevada USA represents to be an important role model to thousands of young women throughout the state.”

Leach Blog Photo

Georgina Vaughan, the gorgeous 2009 Miss Nevada, will have her cake and eat it, too.

The blonde beauty previously held the title of 2006 Miss Nevada Teen USA before she beat out more than 20 girls for the Miss Nevada USA title Nov. 15 at the College of Southern Nevada’s Horn Theater. She succeeded Veronica Grabowski.

Ileri Tunrarebi, 18, of Henderson won the 2009 Miss Nevada Teen USA title, and the 27th Annual Miss Teen USA Pageant will be held this summer at the Atlantis Paradise Island resort in the Bahamas.

You’ll get your first look at Georgina this Sunday when the premiere of The B Girls: Chasing the Crown Web TV series starts broadcasting ahead of the pageant. Go to for a trailer of Georgina’s adventures with Miss Washington and Miss Idaho.

I talked with Georgina in an exclusive one-on-one, and she told me: “The good thing about being born and raised right here in Vegas is that I can drive down to Planet Hollywood and not have to worry about the hassles of airports or losing my luggage!

“I’m on a very disciplined keep-fit schedule. You have to remember when you do that swimsuit parade there is no airbrushing. It’s as natural as you can get, so you want to look your best in front of millions. I’m hitting the gym every day at the Las Vegas Athletic Club. That means cardio every single day, with three days a week doing weights and lunges for my legs and more weights for my arms two days a week.

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Miss Nevada Georgina Vaughan.

“You can’t be lazy. I’m not nervous about it, but it is a challenge that gives you awesome motivation. When I first entered the Miss Nevada Teen contest, it was my first-ever pageant. It was beginner’s luck at 17.

“This entire experience has prepared me in so many ways about my future life. Our pageant is all about creating an entertaining television show. The judges are looking for somebody to represent Miss USA in the very best way for the Miss Universe contest. Somebody who others can look up to and yet is still totally approachable.

“It’s OK to be glamorous and sexy. You can still be sweet and funny -- and sexy.”

I asked Georgina the difference between Miss America and Miss USA. We agreed that it is great that Las Vegas plays host to both pageants.

She said: “The priority with Miss America is the charitable platform of the contestants and how it is driven by the interview portion. I think with Miss USA, it’s more the overall package and that points are equally divided for swimsuit and ball gown. We help with all charities and causes rather than just one.

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Miss Nevada USA Georgina Vaughan.

“Nevada has never had a winner in either pageant. I’m prepared, and I think I could be a strong Miss USA and an amazing Miss Universe. I think I’m on my game at the right time, and I’ve got Lana Fuchs, who designed the Miss Universe wardrobe as my designer. Michael Boychuck has been doing my hair since I was 14 years old, and he’s been incredible and amazing for me.

“The girls will actually be together for just over two weeks in Vegas before the pageant, and I’ll be happy to play tour guide and answer all their questions about our great city and state. There won’t be much free time for that, though, as we have to get used to all the routines of the TV show.

“It’s incredible just to be there, so there won’t be any butterflies. There’s nothing to be nervous about by the time the big night comes because you’ve worked so hard and long at it. You do pray you don’t fall or trip, though. Once, my dress got stuck on a stage light bulb, and it stopped me from walking. But you deal with whatever happens, and I just hitched it up and kept going.

“Hopefully, I can pull off a win for Nevada this time!”


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