Carmen Electra’s life of love, nudity and E!’s Ultimate Catch

Carmen Electra on the red carpet of MGM Grand’s Crazy Horse Paris.
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Let’s dispense with answers to your immediate questions. Yes, gorgeous Carmen Electra does go topless for even longer than before in her return appearance headlining in Crazy Horse Paris at MGM Grand. Yes, she’s still super sexy in that naughty, nearly there, nearly bare black garter belt and thigh-high stockings Lesson in Eroticism couch striptease.

Yes, she’s even wilder in her Chain Gang bust-bulging, behind-cage-bars number. No, she’s not topless for the long line of fans waiting for her meet-and-greet photo session after each performance!

“I’m much more comfortable and at ease this second time,” Carmen told me after one of her weekend performances. “It’s such an honor to dance with these classically trained ballerinas. The nudity is really beautiful and sensuous. I kiss the hands of each and every one of the dancers each night after a show to say a sincere thank you for letting me dance with them. They are the nicest girls. They’ve welcomed me as one of their own, so I feel very privileged to be onstage with them. It’s completely normal to dance freely because they do the same thing I do.

“I’m totally relaxed about it. I enjoy it so much, I hope they will invite me back again for a third time. Then I would have time to create some more daring solo numbers, but I’m so happy about how we’ve expanded my time on the stage in the finale.”

Carmen Electra's Crazy Horse Paris Debut

Indeed, Carmen’s overall show is slicker, tighter, faster and smoother this visit -- and also fully sold out the night I went. She is beautifully topless in the last routine dancing with great confidence in the center of the lineup. It’s good to see some of the original Crazy songs and dances back with an updated feel.

Carmen just finished hosting the new E! reality TV series Ultimate Catch on location in the Greek Islands. “We got to explore all the islands. They were so beautiful, and it’s easy to understand why it’s such a romantic honeymoon destination.”

The show is obviously all about love, romance and marriage. However, Carmen says it hasn’t changed her mind on marriage. She’s not rushing into marriage with longtime rocker boyfriend Robb Patterson, formerly of Korn, who is in Las Vegas with her and to date has seen her show twice.

Carmen laughed: “I’ve been married twice before, so no need to rush this one. We are doing fine and very happy, so all is OK. He’s my strongest support and loves me dancing and performing striptease in the show.”

Carmen appears twice nightly at the MGM Crazy Horse Paris theater through this coming weekend.

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