Tao kissing contest goes to creative Canadians

Photo: Jennifer Grafiada

You would think the schoolgirls would win. Plaid is like a double secret nuclear ingredient in hot girl contests.

There was also the brassy twosome from Idaho. "Are you saying where you're from or identifying yourselves?" the emcee asked, but they were proud to be ‘hos. Not only did the ladies make out onstage during Tao’s girl on girl kissing contest, they added some extra-curricular G-string flashing to the performance.

I kissed a girl @ Tao

Then there was the odd couple: a voluptuous, bespectacled naughty librarian sporting a taut pencil skirt and collared shirt who sucked face with a flat-chested, scrawny punk-rock chick who could have passed for an 11-year-old in her AC-DC dress and hot pink headband. She had some enthusiastic fans.


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But the winners of the makeout session and, of course, the $5,000, were not the bleach haired, fake tanned, model types in barely-there skirts. Rather, it was the couple that locked lips and touched tongues with such genuine lust that it was delicious to watch who took home the cash. They also found the loophole to the no touching rule: While they couldn't touch each other, they could touch themselves. The emcee declared the victorious ladies "recession-proof," but remarked regretfully, "I can't believe we're giving away money to Canadians."


Jennifer Grafiada

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