Spontaneous battle rocks Christian Audigier

What happens when you mix free booze, red patent leather, corset-clad bartenders, a fashion designer and a brand new Vegas hot spot? You get Christian Audigier The Nightclub and, apparently, a high school dance party.

At the club’s pre-opening soiree on Thursday, July 3rd invitees met, mingled, imbibed and watched two entertaining and totally free shows: Treasure Island’s signature bikini-clad pirate battle and an impromptu break dance throw down on the club’s dance floor.

Christian Audigier pre-opening party

Sure, the production value of the pirates kicked the dancers’ ass, but there was something intimate and genuinely sweet about the spontaneous circle that formed around two young men break dancing on an empty patch of the Christian Audigier dance floor. It felt like a high school dance, only the girls and boys weren’t on separate sides of the room and everyone was sipping vodka lemonades instead of diet Sprite.

Will Audigier take over as the Strip’s night spot du jour? We’ll see. But for last night at least, C.A. as I’ll be calling it, was a perfectly entertaining and pleasantly old school night out.

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