Playboy in training takes over the Palms

Photo: Allison Duck

Naughty Nighty Party @ The Palms

Painted ladies? Open bar and lavish food spread? Hundreds of girls in lingerie? Dude drinking a rare $1,600 bottle of cognac out of the bottle with a curly straw? Yeah, that too. Las Vegas is in training for Playboy’s Midsummer Night’s Dream Party to be held at the Palms Pool on August 16, and this weekend the Palms threw a serious a dress rehearsal. Saturday marked the 7th annual Naughty Nighty Nite Party poolside hosted by Vegas’ own playboy, Jimmy Tipton. His guests sported silk pajamas printed with the event’s logo, and ladies were encouraged to wear their most risqué lingerie. Jimmy, looking pretty pimp in a white hat with a gaggle of beauties dancing around him, took the mic to sing a bluesy set with the band, also in their silk pjs. After his performance, I was able to ask the man of the hour a few questions.

Las Vegas Weekly: When did you decide to start throwing yourself this awesome party?

Jimmy Tipton: This is our seventh one over here at the Palms. We’ve been over here for seven years and we’ve done it every year since.

Is it true that you work here at the Palms?

Oh yeah, I’m the Director of Player Development.

How do you keep outdoing yourself year after year?

You always have to be innovative and keep coming up with new things. And George Maloof’s the master of that. He took us from Real World to Playboy to the Pearl and who knows what’s next.

What are some of your favorite projects that you’ve worked on here at the Palms?

My parties every year are the best, but I do events all the time for the VIP gamblers. We’re always thinking of new stuff to do to have fun. Like last night we had a great party, kind of like a pre-party to this one right here. Just looking for new events that will excite the Palms clients because the Palms clients are different from other people in that they know the party is at the Palms.

How do you feel about the label Hugh Hefner II?

(Laughs) I wouldn’t even go there. He’s the man; he’s the legend.

Perhaps the strangest touch of the evening came from the fellow sipping Remy Martin Louis XIII cognac out of the bottle with a pink curly straw no less. Sporting a “Pimpin’ Since Pimpin’” jersey, local comedian Barry McCullers explained that he’s trying to use his in-your-face Vegas lifestyle to catapult him to stardom. With an HBO comedy special in the works for later this year, it would appear that the Big Man of Comedy is well on his way. “I try to take my lifestyle here in Las Vegas and turn it into entertainment. I like to walk around drinking Louis XIII because it’s absolutely arrogant. It’s egotistical, obnoxious and the only way to go. If you’re going to do it big, you gotta go Louis XIII, or stay f-cking home.” McCullers then made my boyfriend’s night by pouring him a glass of the legendary cognac.

Of course, the main draw of a party that goes by the name Naughty Nighty is skin – satin-clad, slathered in paint or delightfully bare. Regrettably, this year’s painted ladies were far more covered up than in years past. Previously they had been all but naked and received their paint on the spot from a very lucky artist, but this year the artwork was partially obscured by large black feather boas that, while keeping with the naughty lingerie theme, lessened the flesh factor.

As we were leaving the Palms, we swung by the poker room to check out the action. I couldn’t figure out why everybody turned their heads and stared when I walked in; then I remembered what I was wearing. While I had opted to wear leggings under my sheer babydoll top, it was still not your usual card-playing attire. If only they had seen Jimmy’s ladies by the pool.


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