Au revoir nos petit canards (or get your ducks now!)

Photo: Sarah Feldberg

Just 28 days after Xania Woodman reported on Palms Place’s new wonderfully casual Tuesday night pool party, it’s time to say goodbye to the little plastic floaters that have scored quite the hit at this summer event. We’re talking ducks, 25,000 ducks to be exact.

For the past few weeks George Maloof has dished out $7,000 for miniature plastic ducks in a variety colors and designs so his guests could indulge in a sort of amplified communal bubble bath. Ninja ducks, army ducks, ducks with hockey sticks, ducks in pumpkins, even Elvis Presley in duck form have all bobbed along the pool’s surface, while revelers romped through shallow-end Twister or sipped cocktails on dry land. But while the party may continue into August, tonight will mark the ducks’ last appearance. That in and of itself is a good enough reason to head down to Palms Place this evening, so crumble a plastic grocery bag discreetly into your purse or pocket and get ready to scoop up some ducks.

Photo of Sarah Feldberg

Sarah Feldberg

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