Light Group takes over Revolution Lounge at the Mirage


The news reached Team Hangover Thursday evening and was confirmed by a source within Light Group that the blockbuster nightlife group famous for its fertile quadrangle at Bellagio (formed by The Bank, Caramel, Fix and Yellowtail) is now placing the final piece for a similar success story at The Mirage by adding The Beatles Revolution Lounge to its portfolio. At the time of its January 19, 2007 opening, the 5,000-square foot interactive lounge was operated by INK, a premier nightclub operator out of Toronto, Canada.

It's kind of poetic if you think about it.

Flowing guests freely between Stack Restaurant, Bare Pool Lounge, Jet Nightclub and now Revolution Lounge, Light Group will have complete nightlife domination of the property. With the takeover additionally confirmed by a Cirque du Soleil representative, it can be assumed that Light Group will take control of the Revolution space as part of a management agreement wherein Light Group is contracted to run the lounge for the owning partners, Cirque du Soleil, The Beatles' Apple Corps Ltd., and The Mirage. Reps for The Mirage and Revolution declined to comment for this story.

Former Revolution promoter Kozmoe Alonzo says he'd heard talk of a possible takeover for quite a while but was unaware of the confirmed news until now. "I think it could be positive," he says of Light Group's new role, adding, "[Revolution is] going to have a lot more support now." Kozmoe left Revolution to help open Rok Vegas nightclub at New York-New York in August.

"I don't think [Light Group is] going to make too many changes," Kozmoe continues, speculating about the deal points. "Cirque is really proud of the brand, and as far as I know it's still a partnership…it's still part of the 'Love' show. Probably most of the changes will be to the management and promotion." No comment about whether or not the promoter will return to promoting the vibrant indie and live music scene he helped create at Revolution along with David Pappas, now a managing partner overseeing marketing and development for Rok Vegas. The duo of Pappas and Kozmoe were responsible for bringing the indie, electro and live music scenes to Revolution, ushering in Pappas' signature night, Live Revolution, first on Tuesdays and then Sundays.

Still up in the air in the wake of today's developments are the fates of Live Revolution Sundays and Cirque du Soleil's multifaceted Tapis Rouge promotion.


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