Ping pong paddles mandatory, tops not so much

Booze, boobs and ball handling skillz - the perfect Vegas sport.

It’s ping pong as usual tomorrow night during the second annual Ping Pong Palooza tournament at Sapphire, except for one minor very Vegas detail. Each team of four players must include at least one female competitor, and if you don’t have a lady you can tap for the team, one will be provided for you from Sapphire’s obliging staff. They’ll also provide the paddles, tables and trophies for your game, but a top for your new pong-mate? Not so much.

Last year Vegas got its first taste of topless ping pong when Sapphire decided to host a nightclub industry ping pong tournament inspired by Christopher Walken career misstep Balls of Fury. “We thought we’d get eight to ten teams and just go with it,” said Sapphire’s director of marketing Shai Cohen. “Instead, we had 32 teams.” Clearly, the club underestimated the local nightlife industry’s love of table tennis. And tits.

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This year however, they’re better prepared. The Las Vegas Table Tennis Association is bringing professional referees and regulation tables, including an extra table that will be set up on stage for an “exhibition match” between Sapphire entertainers. We’re guessing there’ll be more on display than just rapid-fire ball handling skills. Another new addition is the side competition for the best team spirit and costume. The winners will receive a “rock star experience” at Sapphire complete with bottle service and all the necessary trimmings.

Sure, Vegas, isn’t much of a sports town, but topless ping pong boasts the perfect trifecta of booze, boobs and balls. And that makes for a game we can really get behind.

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