Summer’s last stand: party at the Sapphire pool

Strippers + pool + booze = good.

By mid-October summer in most places is nothing but a salty, sun-tanned memory, but in Vegas the heat holds on a bit longer. Today, one last pool party bids a final adieu to the oven-baked season, and this is one worth attending: no cover, drink specials, raffles and prizes and topless girls. Seriously. Picture heaven and smack yourself if it looks much different.

My first time at Sapphire pool, I didn’t know it was a venue that welcomed, er, European bathing. A friend had invited me there, I found out later, as a ploy to get me to take my top off. But once there, I was glad to get out of my comfort zone. The pool is salt water and crowd-free, with a secluded hot tub behind a waterfall and tons of beach balls and rafts floating around for everyone play with.

Off-duty strippers lounge in all their limber-limbed glory, and you can easily make new friends by tossing a ball to a stranger or accidentally bumping into them on a raft. I met three men from Sweden in town for the poker championship, and sporting cute accents and heavy wallets. Ultimately, that’s what summer is all about – enjoying sunshine, hanging out with strippers, making new friends and heading home tight, sticky skin a shade darker than when you arrived.


Jennifer Grafiada

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