Halloween hits the Strip: Where to go and what to wear


Every Halloween, you have to choose between your inner angels and demons. The ones in white want you to get creative, wear something covered up, something your parents would be proud of. The opposite school of thought is summed up by Cady in Mean Girls: “Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.”

That makes just about every night in Vegas Halloween. You can expect that lots of women on the Strip will be sporting the sluttiest costumes possible, which, as we also learned in Mean Girls, means dressing in bunny ears, a tail and sky-high heels rather than going for the scary zombie bride look. In fact, virtually anything can be turned into a “sexy ” with the addition of a short skirt and stilettos.

For guys out there, you have higher chances of scoring – or at least breaking the ice – in a creative costume. Slutty just doesn’t have the same effect on the male of the species.

So, Weekly has compiled a few costume ideas for you, tailored to particular Halloween parties around town. Pick your party; find your costume; enjoy. These ideas are perfect for couples, and may even help you win a costume contest. We expect dividends, of course —of the prize money, not the Halloween hook-ups.

Monday, October 27

Bald Kitty Halloween Party at CatHouse

The details: The woman sporting the sexiest cat costume wins Brazilian hair-removal treatments courtesy of Ideal Image. Only in Vegas. Sigh.

The contest: Sexiest cat costume gets to be a bald kitty.

Man: Wear a white coat, over a colorful shirt and tie, but don’t go as a doctor – you’re an aesthetician. Make a nametag that says “Bikini Waxing Specialist,” and if you’re really feeling the outfit, bring along a jar of wax and some waxing strips and offer free treatments to whoever catches your eye. If you’re feeling slightly less sleazy, break out some khaki pants and a matching shirt and go as a cat catcher with a net. Extra points if you can find an iron-on patch with an animal on it.

Woman: This one’s pretty cut and dry; you’re going as a cat, a big cat. Find a Brazilian style G-string bikini, preferably in a leopard or tiger print or basic black. Add a cat tail, a set of ears, long acrylic nails or elbow length gloves and the highest stilettos you can walk in without wiping out. Some dramatic eyeliner, a set of über-long fake eyelashes and drawn on whiskers should complete the look.

Tuesday, October 28

Thriller/’80s themed costume party at Studio 54

The Details: Influence 2080s presents Thriller with a recreation of Michael Jackson’s '80s smash hits throughout the night.

The contest: ’80s-themed costume party offers $2,500 to the best ’80s character, plus cash for the sexiest ’80s pop star.

Man: This theme is solid gold, and any of the following could land you in the money: Michael Jackson, Rob Lowe, Flavor Flav (‘80s version, not VH1 version), MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice, Duran Duran, Adam Ant, Axl Rose, LL Cool J, Billy Idol, Devo. If going as a real person isn’t your thing, head to a used clothing store and chase down every ‘80s stereotype you can find.

Woman: And the award goes to … ‘80s pop stars offer a bevy of costume options - Madonna in her cone-shaped bra, Janet Jackson from the “Rhythm Nation” video, Toni Basil a la “Mickey,” Molly Ringwald in The Breakfast Club, Cyndi Lauper. With neon newly back in the fashion spotlight, it hasn’t been this easy to channel the ‘80s since, well, the ‘80s. Head to a second hand store, H&M, Forever 21 or American Apparel, extend your carbon footprint with a bath in Aqua Net hairspray and don’t go easy on the eye shadow.

Trampoleen II at Blush

The Details: Blush makes no bones about seeking the ultimate in feminine sexiness. Zero points for creativity. But, as the clever portmanteau relates, this is a celebration of Halloween, trampy women and sports.

The Contest: “Sexiest vixen in the room” walks away with $5,000. That could get you a set of Louis Vuitton luggage, a trip to Florence for two or a brand new rack. So, forget subtle and go hard or go home.

Woman:Sporty girls are pretty hot, especially in spandex booty shorts or a tennis skirt with knee-high socks. I prefer soccer chicks, but cheerleaders always score higher in the costume party arena. There probably won’t be any real trampolines in the club (damn, that’s actually a good idea!) but you can still be the energetic, ultra-flexible, sports-savvy chick of his dreams in a football jersey with nothing underneath, or in a spandex leotard—yummy! Don’t forget the sweatband.

Man: Go as a referee who has to keep the peace between the ladies dueling over who is sexiest, or as a judge with a “10” sign that you can flash at hot girls. You could offer to be someone’s personal trainer, biggest fan or one-on-one coach.

Thursday, October 30

Taolloween 3 at Tao

The Details: You may have been hitting up this popular club on Worship Thursdays locals night all year, but you can’t miss this Thursday’s Taolloween 3, a party with a “Year of the Vampire” theme. Not sure if this refers to the Chinese zodiac or to the freaky ‘80s flick Halloween III: Season of the Witch, but either (or neither) way it promises to be tantalizing evening with tons of fellow revelers exposing skin that looks good enough to eat.

The Contest: No contest, but that’s no reason to leave your clever costumes home!

Woman: Vampire brides, unlike zombie brides and brides of Frankenstein, are quite sexy. You don’t need to uglify your face: a neck bruise and some fake blood around the mouth will suffice, and blood sucking fetishes have the appeal of being violent and sexual at the same time. (Remember Interview with the Vampire? Hot. Hot. Hot.) Fake teeth and fake nails are available at any corner drug store or Halloween shop, then just vamp it up with a corset and shredded skirt, and you won’t have a hard time finding willing prey.

Man: Male vampires are also sexy. (Again, see Brad and Tom in Interview or any of the blood-sucking hotties on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.) You could break out the tux and the cape and go for the debonair but dangerous look, or ditch that cliché and go in a gray hoodie with a fat orange jack o’ lantern on your head like the Silver Shamrock mask-wearing victims in Halloween III.

Friday, October 31

Masquerade Ball at Lavo

The Details: Lavo is reminiscent of a golden age when debauchery was more about luxurious bath houses than go-go girls in go-go boots, so it makes sense that their Halloween bash follows suit with a masquerade ball hosted by the cast of Phantom of the Opera.

The contest: No contest, but you still want to be the most intriguing gentleman or lady at the ball.

Woman: Wear a beautiful gown and elaborate mask, or, if you want to show more skin, go as a courtesan draped in jewels and silk with a glittery gold cat mask. Watch Nicole and Tom in Eyes Wide Shut for some worthy inspiration.

Man: It’s all about Labyrinth. Go as David Bowie, the goblin king, arrive as the seductive Phantom himself, or try an old-fashioned look as a jester, clown or pope. When you’re wearing a mask, your inhibitions can’t prevent you from making your move.

Dirty Halloween with Jesse Jane at Prive

The Details: Prive gets down and dirty Vegas style (which is even dirtier than Miami-style) with bisexual porn star Jesse Jane as host and a “get your freak on” theme.

The Contest: Naughtiest costume wins a cash prize.

Woman: Go as an “adult film superstar” like Jesse Jane. This opens up a world of naughty possibilities: you could go schoolgirl, as a girl-on-girl couple, a BDSM chick or dominatrix. The embodiment of any wild fetish or fantasy will do. Plumb the depths of your dirty mind, and if anyone asks, “What the hell?” Your answer is: “I’m an actress.”

Man: Go as Dave Navarro - goatee, piercings and wife beater. He’s dirty, he reps Vegas and he scored an AVN nomination this year for best porn film director.

Night of the Killer Costumes 2 at the Palms

The Details: The Palms doesn’t like to be outdone, and all the hotspots are hosting Halloween extravaganzas. You can pick one place or club hop (that is, if you can get in) from Playboy Club, to Moon, to ghostbar, to Rain.

The contest: At Moon, best sci-fi costume wins. Ghostbar gives the scariest ghouls and goblins the grand prize. Rain is hosting the ultimate “best costume overall contest,” where you can win prizes like cash, comp dinners, comp bottle service and one night stays in the Sky Villa Suites.

Woman: At Playboy, obviously you have a great excuse to wear the bunny tail and heels we mentioned earlier. Be a playboy-in-training or a centerfold wannabe. Or go as one of the Girls Next Door with platinum blonde hair, massive fake boobs, Victoria Secret Pink sweatpants and a purse carrying a tiny yappy dog. At Moon, just wear body glitter: you’re a “heavenly body.” At ghostbar, you are a ghost of a beautiful woman who was killed while taking a bath, hence the nearly naked costume.

Man: If you hit up Playboy (and you’ll want to) you could go as the man himself in a bathrobe with a pocket full of condoms and a cigar in hand. At Moon, indulge your boyhood dreams of space travel as an astronaut or perhaps a NASA or Area 51 scientist—women love smart, coordinated men. At ghostbar go the traditional route as a ghostly something with green or white face paint, fake blood and red contact lenses—it’s cool, it’s scary, it’s worth a try.


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