The rum has just begun: Rhumbar on deck for expansion

Yay! More lamps!


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Open just weeks and already, Vegas’ newest, rummiest watering-hole is looking at an expansion, adding up to 2,000 additional square feet to the patio by laying a concrete bridge over the neighboring underground valet ramp and paving right over it. The current outdoor patio at Rhumbar comfortably seats 50 on preppy deck-furniture and sports fanciful, larger-than-life lamps adorned with Rhumbar’s signature fighting cocks, but when the construction is completed—managing partner Michael Frey estimates by the end of July—capacity would increase to between 100 and 150 warm, friendly bodies, sipping Original Mai Tais and Spanish Trampolines beneath the sun or moon, according to their desires. Captain Jack Sparrow was wrong—the rum is never gone!


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