Step aside Sunday Funday—here comes Mixology Monday!


After a quiet March 30 trial run, Downtown Cocktail Room’s cocktail specialist George Austin is all systems go for an April 27 launch of his Mixology Mondays series.

On the backburner for the last six months, the monthly Mixology Monday event will bring together a featured spirit (in March it was Leblon Cachaca) with a guest bartender. Sidebar’s Jerry Vargas will do the guest-tending honors this month, along with Veev Açai Liqueur, from 8-11 p.m., while Austin makes the jump to the drinking side of the bar as host.

“It’s going to be a fun exploration of that spirit,” says Austin, adding that he will skip May due to Memorial Day and bring “MixMo,” as he calls it, back in June.

“What I wanted to do was create an event where mixologists could get together with bartenders, and the public would feel welcome,” says Austin, noting that most mixology events are solely industry-focused and possess high barriers to entry. For $20, guests will enjoy Veev reinterpreted into three to five handcrafted cocktails from the classic to the neo-classic to the totally “out there.” Four of the featured cocktails are included in the cover. That’s just $5 per drink …

Going the extra mile, a portion of MixMo’s proceeds will be donated to a charity of Austin’s choice. This month, the donations will return to Veev, who, for every $.50 received will plant a tree. We repeat: drinking can offset carbon emissions. Now, that’s a movement we can get behind!


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