Carmen Electra lights up Sunday in Las Vegas

Carmen Electra on Dancing With the Stars.

When Carmen Electra celebrates her birthday, it’s not a one-night affair.

Though she turned 37 on April 20, Electra’s week-long birthday party didn’t end before it hit the Las Vegas Strip.

She and her fiancé, Rob Patterson, stopped by Wet Republic today for the grand finale of the brunette’s prolonged birthday bash.

“I’m excited to be here and … wrap up the birthday celebrations,” Electra said, still glowing after enduring what she described as, “two weeks of birthday mode.”

Today also marked the return of “Daylife Sundays” at the MGM Grand’s adults-only pool.

The former Pussycat Doll said she arrived in town earlier today so she didn’t get to see today’s poppier incarnation of the group open for Britney Spears at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

Instead, Electra was at home last night enjoying a concert of her own – featuring someone she described as “one of my all-time favorite rappers.”

“The Guru from Gang Starr was in my living room performing some of my favorite songs and then the Chelsea Girls played,” she said of the soirée.

“He surprised me,” she said of her party planning, guitar-playing man.

The Chelsea Girls are a LA-based cover band led by former Playboy model and vocalist Tuesdae featuring Donnas guitarist Allison Robertson, former Hole drummer Samantha Maloney and Nashville Pussy’s previous bassist Corey Parks.

Carmen Electra and Rob Patterson.

Carmen Electra and Rob Patterson.

“They’re awesome,” Electra said of the four-piece. “They are the raddest, coolest girls because they play instruments and they shred and rock out.”

The in-house concert was hardly the beginning of Electra’s so-called “birthday bonanza.”

“The day before that I was surprised by some of my other friends and taken to Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory,” she said. “It was really cool … my friends really hooked it up.”

Dressed in a flowing full-length dress, the already-tan Electra was looking forward to a day by the pool and a night out on the town.

When asked what she and Patterson do when they come to town, the actress-model said they tend to go big.

“We definitely hit some Strip Clubs,” she said, noting OG’s was on her list of places to check out tonight.

Electra is, of course, no stranger to stripteases. She has a successful line of pole dancing kits and videos, and says the seductive workouts help her maintain her still-svelte physique.

Yoga, dancing and rocking out on Rock Band help, too. (She plays the drums.)

“It’s about mixing it up,” she said.

Electra recently got a good workout during a guest appearance on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars.

The April 14 appearance was alongside LA-based cabaret-style dance group Cherry Boom Boom. Coincidentally, the troupe was founded by another former Pussycat Doll, Lindsley Allen.

Though Electra said the small screen sequence was a lot of fun, fans shouldn’t hold their breath in hopes of her appearing as a DWTS contestant any time soon.

“They’ve asked me (to be on the show) from the very first episode,” she said, “(but there’s) too much pressure.”

She said just-for-fun guest performances are more her speed.

“It was fun to just get out there and not feel any pressure and just dance with the girls,” she said.

Looking ahead, Electra is anticipating the release of her new independent film, Oy Vey My Son is Gay, and shooting a commercial for Carnival Cruises.

As far as possible Vegas-based ventures, she said her fingers are crossed but her lips are sealed.

“I actually do have something in the works, but I can’t talk about it yet,” she said with a coy smile.


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