Tao’s Tweasure Hunt postponed due to Twitter hack

Las Vegas Weekly staff

Due to today’s denial-of-service attack on Twitter, the group hosting tonight’s Tweasure Hunt at Tao Nightclub at the Venetian has decided to postpone the event until next Thursday.

For several hours today, hackers prevented normal service operations to be conducted on the popular messaging service. The hack crippled the site, making service unavailable to many users, especially those using mobile applications. Since use of the mobile application was a key component to the Tweasure Hunt, where participants get Twitter-blasted clues every 20 minutes in order to complete a treasure hunt at Tao. Without use of the mobile apps, the Tweasure Hunt would be a bust.


Tweasure Hunt at Tao
August 13, 10 p.m.
From the Club Guide

Mike Snedegar, Entertainment Marking for Tao Group said, “I would rather do it right and fair.” Clubgoers eager to get their party clues in 140 character bites will have to wait until next Thursday when, hopefully, the hackers will stop spoiling our party plans. Defcon was just in town... hmmm.


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