You win some, you lose some

No, not 19. You fool!


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Smoke. Spin. Win $1 million (10/12/09)

Michael Coates, from Hawthorne, NJ, was the big winner in the Macanudo Millionaire sweepstakes. Alas, luck was no lady when he took his big spin at the Playboy Club Saturday night, laying his money on 19. When the ball dropped, it was on 24. But that doesn't mean Coates went home empty-handed. He and three guests did get an all-expenses paid, three-day, two-night stay at the Palms plus the VIP treatment at the Playboy Club and the chance to spin the roulette wheel for the $1,000,000 prize – with two Playmates by his side. Who needs money when you've got Bunnies?!


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