Week of MAGIC ends tonight

Sexy DJ Kiss will spin at So Haute Right Now at Tao.
Photo: Michael Creagh

From popped collar pastel polo shirts that were all the rage in the ‘80s to the just got out of bed grunginess of rumpled flannel and hoodies in the ‘90s to last year’s legging and ankle boot revival, how does a fashion movement gain such instantaneous, widespread popularity?

By MAGIC—the twice-annual international fashion industry trade event during which brands from Abercrombie to Kenneth Cole converge on Las Vegas to show off their latest creations and inspire new style trends. From this cauldron of creative mojo will come the next big thing that everyone just has to have.

While only fashion industry insiders can enter the MAGIC wonderland of trendy delights, there are plenty of stylish equal-opportunity afterparties you’re welcome to attend. Rub elbows with designers and models, listen to entertainers like Asher Roth and DJ Steve Aoki and maybe even score some free swag at this week’s hautest fashion fetes.

Thursday, February 18


What: So Haute Right Now

Host: Designers Tara Jane and Taryn Manning of Born Unicorn

When: Doors open at 10p.m.

Cost: Locals free

Entertainment: Live fashion show

Contact: 702-388-8588 or [email protected]

Chip and Pepper


What: Chip and Pepper Jeans party at Blush

Host: Chip and Pepper Jeans and LA’s Sunset Entertainment Group

When: Doors open at 10p.m.

Entertainment: Special guest performers

Swag: Chip and Pepper giveaways at Blush at Wynn


What: Sneaker Party at Tabu

Host: Santa Barbra's Crsvr Sneaker Boutique

When: Doors open at 10p.m.

Cost: Locals free

Entertainment: Matty Matt and special guests

Afghan Raiders

Beauty Bar

What: Dim Mak Collection MAGIC party

Host: Brandy*Vinyl

When: Doors open at 10p.m.

Cost: Locals free

Entertainment: Broken Spindles featuring Joel of The Faint and Afghan Raiders performing live on the patio


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