It’s real, I swear!

Hey bouncers, bartenders, and even bachelors! You might be thinking there's a sudden surge of teens and prostitots with a batch of fake IDs circulating the Valley attempting to fool the industry and cradle-robbers alike with their new-fangled fake IDs, but think again. That colorful piece of plastic sporting a cartoonish font is actually issued by the state of Nevada. On January 7, everyone's favorite place to kill an hour or five began issuing what the DMV is calling a "new, more secure driver license and identification card that is manufactured in a centralized facility."

What does this mean for us? For starters, you don't have to immediately reserve a day and go to the DMV; your current license or ID is still good until its expiration date. But when it comes time to renew, prepare to spend an extra whopping 75 cents. However, with the "centralized facility" process now in place, you can no longer get a new ID over the counter on the same day. A 30-day temporary paper document is issued while your permanent card is mailed, complete with new security features including microprinting and ghost images. Plus, you'll need to hang on to your expired card until the new one arrives. Somewhere in Vegas, a 16-year-old's fake ID business just folded.

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