So old, it’s news: LAX goes old school to save Wednesdays

If PMG is only giving this event one month, then so are we. Shannen Doherty hosts Aug. 5.
Scott Doctor

There's a fine line between "old school" and just plain old.

While the rest of the week may be for hip-hop, mash-ups and overpaid rappers tipping their hats from cushy VIP bullpens all over the city, Hump Day has now been set aside for Way Back Wednesdays at LAX, Pure Management Group’s latest attempt to get this party started right.

Pushing the envelope on the idea of retro, one of few themes a nightclub can still get away with (DJ AM has made a whole career out of it!), Way Back celebrates icons of pop culture from the ’80s and ’90s, inviting them to party in PMG’s crimson velvet palace and enjoy comped bottles with their friends … assuming of course that they’re not in recovery for addiction.

Touted as “a chance to rub elbows with popular celebrities of decades past,” the antiques road show is slated for just one month to start and begins with 90210 alumna Shannen Doherty hosting on August 5. Next up is Webster’s Emmanuel Lewis on August 12, followed by controversial figure skating star Tonya Harding on August 19, and finally notorious Diff’rent Strokes star Todd Bridges, making LAX the official crossroads of your childhood Tiger Beat memories of olde, and your salacious US Weekly train wreck scuttlebutt of today.

And for everyone’s who’s been wondering when the economy would bottom-out, at least now we know that there will be entertainment, dancing and cocktails when it finally does.


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