Feelgood’s finally opens, wants to make ya feel all right

Photo: April Corbin

It's genuinely considered pretty rock 'n' roll to be late to an event... but four months is pushing it, even for a veteran rocker like Vince Neil.

The Mötley Crüe frontman's latest Vegas foray, Feelgood's Rock Bar and Grill on West Sahara, was originally scheduled to open on April 1. However, months of issues with city officials pushed the opening further and further back, causing many to wonder whether the bar-restaurant would ever see the light of day.

Rightly so, says Feelgood's co-owner Danny Koker. He says if it wasn't for the business partners' other successful ventures (like Koker's custom bike and hot rod shop, Counts Kustoms and Neil's O'Sheas tattoo parlor Vince Neil Ink) acting as backing capital, the bar probably never would have opened.

Luckily for eaters and drinkers seeking rock and roll, Koker and company finally sorted out the red tape with the City of Las Vegas and have opened their doors to the general public. Now, four months behind schedule and with more overhead costs than previously expected, Koker is more determined than ever for Feelgood's to take the local scene by storm – starting with the bar's grand opening celebration on August 2.

Feelgood's is a bar/restaurant located on Sahara Avenue, near Rainbow Boulevard.

Koker promises a monster red carpet with big names (though he's mum on exactly who) and a rockin' performance from Neil himself on Feelgood's 30-foot stage, which Koker explains is backed by a sound system made for a much larger venue.

"It's rock and roll all the way," Koker says. "We wanted to make a statement. This is in your face."

He added, "If it's not loud, it's not right."

The bar's houseband, made up of members of Neil's solo band, will perform three nights a week at Feelgood's, and the bar also plans to support the local music scene by showcasing Vegas bands. National acts are also planned.

Slaughter, who will perform at Club Madrid inside Sunset Station on July 24, are hosting their official after-concert party at the bar. White Snake will do the same after their Aug. 8 performance with Judas Priest at the Thomas & Mack Center.

Movie nights (utilizing a drop down movie screen yet to be installed) and bike nights are also in the works for the bar, which Koker describes as "biker-friendly, but not a biker bar – because that scares people."

The biker, hot rod and rock theme, however, is carried throughout Feelgood's. A custom motorcycle acts as the focal point for the bar, while overhead lighting is provided by lamps made from old gas cans and drum sets. The V-Room (which Koker says could stand for Vince, VIP, velvet or vampire) is a leopard-print and red velvet-clad area with tables for guests. Nearby, a fire escape is prepared to act as a go-go platform. The place even has a coffin phonebooth, which patrons can use to make free local phone calls, briefly escape the venue's killer soundsystem and maybe change into a rock and roll Superman.

"To my knowledge, there's no place quite like this," Koker says. "Some other places claim to be rock and roll places, but they're just confused. We're not confused."

While a sign outside the entrance reads "please no colors, no firearms," (as in, please leave that Hells Angels jacket at home) Feelgood's doesn't plan on turning away people for things like dresscode.

"We're anti-establishment, Koker says. "You go to some places on the Strip and if you have a chain you can't get in or if you have jeans. Our philosophy is, if you have clothes on, you're welcome."

All of the chandeliers at Feelgood's were custom made by Count's Kustoms.

He's convinced this laid back atmosphere will appeal to wide audience. He says that since their soft opening on Wednesday, they've had the requisite biker audience as well as families and businessmen on lunch breaks.

"It's a melting pot," Koker says. "Everyone can come. There's no attitude."

"It's called Feelgood," he continued. "It has a double meaning. It's the song, obviously, but it also means that when you come here, you're gonna feel good."


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