Plush Nightclub: for Big Beautiful Women and the men who love them

Jacob Palmer and Katie Finn, co-founders of Plush Nightclub.

You’ve seen the alarmist headlines about the “obesity epidemic” taking over the nation. Maybe it’s time we change our attitude: If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

And get ready for some big, beautiful parties.

Last week, BBW (Big Beautiful Women) and the men who love them (BHM, Big Handsome Men, or thin men who love larger women, called FA or Fat Admirers) partied all week long at the 13th Annual Vegas BBW Bash.

Shacking up at the Tuscany Hotel, a thousand plus-sized partiers from all over the world attended dozens of seminars, meet-and-greets, parties and vendor fairs.

For those who missed out on the action, you won’t have to go hungry for long. Two locals, Katie Finn, a self-described BBW, and Jacob Palmer, a self-described FA, have launched Plush Nightclub, a nightlife event for bigger men and women. Plush debuted on July 12th at the Thunderbird Lounge inside the Aruba Hotel, and will next return on August 21st.

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“The irony of the situation is that there are all these BBW clubs all over the country and every year the BBW community comes to Las Vegas for the BBW bash, but there are no biweekly or monthly events here,” says Palmer, who has been attending the Bash for five years. He took time off from work at to work on launching Plush. “Everyone from all over the country congregates here every year for some big celebration, but there is no real BBW community here, as far as clubbing/nightlife goes.”

Palmer, who is 5’6” and weighs 150 pounds, has been a lover of larger girls for years. He goes to California at least three times a month and often to Chicago and Florida to hit other BBW clubs and parties. He might even take a BBW cruise to Jamaica. But if Plush is a success—the July 12th event maxed out at 200 people—then he can stay right here to get his fleshy fix.


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He hopes to make Plush a monthly event and then, as it gains momentum, a weekly event for both locals and tourists.

“If you’re a plus-sized girl – if you’re not a size four – especially here in Vegas, a lot of the big clubs in big hotels just don’t treat you with a lot of respect or dignity. A lot of the girls don’t feel comfortable there,” Palmer explains. “Obviously there are a lot of guys who like plus-sized girls. This is an opportunity for likeminded people to get together and have a good time in an atmosphere that’s big girl friendly.”

Palmer says the most interesting aspect of launching Plush is marketing and promoting. When he hands out flyers to people on the street, in malls and in plus-sized clothing stores, he usually gets befuddled reactions.

“When you look across the landscape, the average size of people has increased, but when you tell people about a plus-sized bash they look at you like you have two heads,” says Palmer. “Like, ‘Really? Big people go out and dance?’ Yea, they do actually, but there is nothing like that in Vegas and that’s why we decided to do what we’re doing.”


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